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Invisible Keyloger offers the most powerful stealth performance. Completely undetectable to any USER Invisible Keylogger will monitor and record information with no possibility of being detected! Have you tried other products that are easy to detect? We are sure you have but with Invisible Keylogger there is no need to worry anymore! Our application is completely undetectable!

Invisible Keylogger Support

Free Support for all Registered Users

Before Proceeding Please Read

1. Check Invisible Keyloggers feature page to see if there is an avialable upgrade to solve your technical problems. If there is a newer version available please download it and install it. Your registration I.D. will work with newer versions.

2. It is always good idea to backup your current installation before installing new versions. We have listed some of our frequently asked questions below to help guide you through any technical problems you may encounter.

Invisible Keylogger 1.3
Stealth PC Monitoring and Surveillance

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I encountered an error when trying to run Invisible Keylogger?

Answer - Invisible Keylogger works 99.9% of the time. If you have encountered an error it is most likely because you are missing a required file Mfc42.dll. This file is located already installed on most PC's. Please redownload the file here and place it in your windows/systems directory. This should immediately solve your problem.


2. How do I get Invisible Keylogger out of Stealth Mode?

Answer - Obviousely we cannot list our stealth mode hot key sequence on this website. This would dramatically impact the surveillance measures Invisible Keylogger comes equipped with. If you have Invisible Keylogger running in stealth mode and have not reconfigured your hotkey sequence please write [email protected] with your order number. We will be certain to address this issue immediately.


3. Who has access to Invisible Keylogger?

Answer - Invisible Keylogger comes equipped with counter measures that protect it from being detected by outside individuals. Once the application has been configured and password protected only you can access the control console.


4. I cannot view screenshots, there are none recorded?

Answer - Invisible Keylogger will record screenshots once it has been configured to do so through the "Visual Surveillance" console. You must enable screenshot capturing. To view the screenshots that have been captured please open the log viewer and click on "show entire log" located on the right hand side of the log viewer.


5. What operating system does Invisible Keylogger work on?

Answer - Invisible Keylogger can run on all windows operating systems with atleast 32mb of ram and windows explorer 5.0 or greater. It does support windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP


6. It says I am missing a file called Msimg32.dll?

Answer - If you have encountered this error it means you are more than likely running windows 95. Msimg32.dll is a runtime library component that is required and installed on all windows platforms excluding windows 95. You may redownload the file here. Please place this file in your windows /system directory or windows/system32 directory to correct the problem.


7. Can I download Invisible Keylogger to a disk?

Answer - If you are interested in downloading invisible keylogger to a disk for storage that is completely acceptable. You may at anytime store Invisible Keylogger on a disk to for quick access or to move it to the PC you intend to monitor.


8. What does license mean, I am confused?

Answer - A license is purchase to enable you to use invisible keylogger on your PC. If you intend to install invisible keylogger on more than one computer this would require a license for each computer you install it on. For example, you need to install it on 2 of your PC's. This would require a 2 license purchase.